Where Trust is a Tradition

‘Every piece of jewellery tells a story’ – Gem Hunt
Creating a furnished jewellery out of a raw piece of gem is an art form in itself. While this can be a very tough task to complete, Fatima Impex does it with absolute perfection.
We, at Fatima Impex, put our heart and soul to create a piece of jewellery for our clients, with the intention to give them back the most polished and creative pieces of jewels.
With a large number of staff members and our very own decision maker, we lead a company that believes in the sole purpose of creating world class jewellery and giving maximum satisfaction to their clients.
This hard work isn’t just limited to one country; we have high-end boutiques all across the world, trying to make a global impact in the market of jewels; India, USA, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, to name a few.
Our craftsmen are skilled and have a lot of experience, and believe in creating a set of the distinctive style of jewels every time for each client. We never repeat our designs and always bring out a unique piece.
Though it is said that “to err is human”, but at Fatima Impex, we handle everything with precision and try our best to give up exactly what our valuable customers desire.

Who We Are

‘All good things come in small packages, especially when it comes to jewellery.’
Jewels are adored by everyone around the world as they come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Though every jewel is unique and beautiful even in its raw and unpolished form, we, at Fatima Impex, brings out the best results from these alluring pieces and keep their uniqueness alive.
Every jewel is designed with care and love, making them just as beautiful as their owners. As gems are often seen as the sign of beauty and love, we create such jewellery that is able to express your endless love to your beloved.
With all jewels carrying a completely different style and design, no two jewels are alike. The gems are handled with so much care and softness, that you can clearly feel that in the end result of the creation.
Jewels live forever, as their importance and significance in one’s life is immense. So, with the help of Fatima Impex, gift someone a gift to cherish forever and remember you by. And why only gift these to someone else; treat your inner beauty with these incredible gems, just as bright as you are.